How To Buy From Us

There are lots of ways you can do that!

1/ Shops

Firstly (and most importantly), we have our goodies on sale at

Miss Mabel’s Magnificent Emporium in Burgess Hill

Kemptown Trading Post in Brighton

Lewes Flea Market

(all in Sussex).

2/ On the website

Secondly, you can click on our Products tab to view a selection of pieces we have for sale online.

We do know that the world doesn’t revolve around the rolling country of Sussex and the South Downs. There is a whole world of vintage likers out there in towns, cities, hills and dales and some of you have trouble getting your hands on what you really want vintage-wise.

So…when we’re not completely overrun with orders, we whack as much as we can on eBay for you guys to shop and peruse at distance and at your leisure! These items are linked from our Products Page.

PLEASE NOTE: we have been very busy since we produced this page! Truth is, we haven’t had very much time to list on eBay! We hope to get back to this, but in the meantime, rather than waste your time, if you are after something in particular, please send us an email. We’ll be swift and straight with our reply. Alternatively, head to one of our outlets because we have loads on offer at those!

3/ Fairs & Events

We also show at Fairs and Events when the fancy takes us (and they’re great for a good day out). We let you know about those through our Facebook page.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page. Not everything will make eBay by ANY means! So if you see anything you fancy, let us know. It’s all up for grabs to everyone (provided it hasn’t already sold), regardless of where you are or whether you can visit the shops or not, so drop us a line telling us what you’re interested in and we’ll sort you out!


We can deliver locally for a small, nominal fee and we have a very efficient shipping service so we can get your item to you pretty much anywhere in mainland U.K.

We’re also pretty good at answering your queries, questions and enquiries quickly and comprehensively (the wonders of the smartphone!) so you can buy fully informed and with confidence.


That should cover everything on the subject of buying from us! But if you have any questions, feel free to email or phone.

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